Tokyo Ravens

  • Translator Futsuu
  • Editor DickS
  • Timer Death x Shinigami
  • Typesetter Draco x Snape
  • Encoder DxS

41 thoughts on “Staff”

    1. will you guys sub magi 17 already, this show is to good for you guys to take forever on it, last time it almost took two days.

    1. I’d recommend the Editorial position, because all you really need is good english skills

  1. Seems like poor Jaka is running E7. What exactly do Editors do? I’ve only ever worked on manga so I don’t want to offer myself for anything I wouldn’t be able to do. At the least, my English is supposed to be rather good, and I’d love to help on E7 if possible.

  2. Alright then; how do I go about getting an editing position for E7? I apologize for the incessant questions, I just like to get my facts straight.

      1. I probably seem rather ignorant, but I don’t know how to use IRC. I made an account, but I’m not sure how to send a PM; I attempted to send one but I don’t think I did it correctly. Sorry for the trouble.

  3. So… Question. Are you guys still looking for editors for E7AO? I mean, it is more than half-over…

    (No experience with editing – or anything else – on fansubs, but my English is impeccable, so… Yeah. Plus, I’ll be watching the show anyway.)

  4. I’d love to help in the Typesetter, but I see you’ve got a lot of staff in that section

  5. hey i’m looking for the subs files for highschool of the damned I got the RAW, was wondering if you lknew ho wi might get those =\

    btw nice job on eureka seven ao 15, i’ll be gettin the rest, nice translation too :)

  6. Q: So when is the final Binbougami Ga EP gonna get done?
    Cuz has had the RAW for at least a couple of days now.

      1. hey GG ppls. thanks for your hard work, but i have a suggestion. stop fucking swearing in your subs. whoever is putting that shit in there needs a good slap to the back of the head, as does the editor and proofer. these aren’t american dramas, nor are the writers vulgar rednecks with stunted vocabularies. its a bad habit which diminishes the rest of your teams good quality work imo. ordinarily I wouldn’t bother complaining, but binbougami ga would be a fun series for kids to watch if ichiko wasn’t screaming fuck every 5 minutes. since you guys are the only group that picked it up, you should fix it. pretty please?

      2. She says fuck every 5 minutes….and there’s only 20 minutes in an episode….so that’s 4 times an episode….which would be 52 times in the entire series because there’s only 13 episodes. Most people swear more than that in an hour, hell, I say “fuck” more than that in half of an hour. I’d let my kid watch it.

      3. I’m sure kids would love all the nudity and violence, not to mention the jokes about wholesome subjects like prostitution and menstruation (and that one attempted gang-rape scene). That is of course why it was aired at the kid-friendly time of 1:50 am.

        But you’re right, those swear words were totally crossing the line.

  7. hate to ask this of the greats, but could you also do girls und panzer?? The people who do it now leave a lot of German in the subs so it gets real confusing and ruins the anime.

  8. Hello GG admins and staffs. Can I suggest that Detective Conan Episodes be in your list because their are lots of fan waiting for the eng subs. I don’t know if it is against copy rights infringement policy but how hubuki subs still be active if it is not.

    Will wait for this reply.Thanks and Keep subbing I really follow your Jormungand Eng Subs.

  9. hi was looking for someone to sub this anime: pokonyan . i have dvdrip episodes on my server and will also encode it for lower sizes. each episode is only 10 minutes long, if u are interested, email me

    im also an english editor and translator, i may be able to help you sometime

  10. dear gg subs. i have a 1 minute japanese audio for the 3rd movie trailer for puella magi madoka magica and i was wondering how much you would charge (usd) to have it translated.

  11. I demand to know the staff for the Hidan no Aria release. I’m going to give that incompetent TL an earful.

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