Kuromukuro – 11


Apologies for the delay. Hopefully we can get back on track for this show this week.

[ Link ]

P.S. In Macross, it’s not 8/100 losses. How does that even make sense? Why 8? Please think a little before listening to someone who had just learned to count in Japanese.

SMN LF Faustlet

Hey everyone.

I’m looking for an FFXIV static with a8s on farm that will give me a fucking Faustlet. The static I’m in right now uses lootmaster and since I got the SMN book on our first clear and the caster coat on our second clear, I’m locked from getting a Faustlet until week 9 (week 9 cause our fucking pugged MCH got the Faustlet on our clear please fucking kill me).

Someone pls save me from having to play FFXIV for 4 more weeks.

150% serious post.