SMN LF Faustlet

Hey everyone.

I’m looking for an FFXIV static with a8s on farm that will give me a fucking Faustlet. The static I’m in right now uses lootmaster and since I got the SMN book on our first clear and the caster coat on our second clear, I’m locked from getting a Faustlet until week 9 (week 9 cause our fucking pugged MCH got the Faustlet on our clear please fucking kill me).

Someone pls save me from having to play FFXIV for 4 more weeks.

150% serious post.

attn: evo lution

Dear Evo Lution,

My gatherers are weak as fuck pls hook me up with $$$gear$$$. I’m retroactively billing you for everything you’ve downloaded from us.



PS: Hi Jeffrey Lee. I’ve been in a Linkshell w/Shiro and Mydna for like 6mo now btw.