Magi Ep 13

Well, something has to be released around here. (Torrent) New op/ed. Encoder claims that the terrible frames in the op are because of the source. I think he’s full of it. Speaking of the op, nice merman gear you’ve got there Sinbad. Also this episode is probably large because there’s 80 fight scenes. And o ho ho ho, a guy who turns into an elephant talks about people having poor memory.

Jojo 12, more about Jorm delay, etc

Howdy. First off, here’s Jojo 12. Who fansubs on Fridays? Come on.

Next off, regarding Jormungand delay, vale told us he’d be around on Friday to do it, except he wasn’t. He posted this earlier:

So as you probably all know by now, I’m back with my family for my winter break, so I’ve got pretty much no time whatsoever to fansub. You know, that once in a year occasion to spend some time together and stuff. I’ll do what I can as soon as I can, but don’t expect anything quick.

Everything will be back in order once I get back to Japan by the start of the new season (4-5th of January), until then brace yourselves for massive delays (unless nice people fill in for me).

So Jorm is in limbo unless another translator in group fills in for him (and none of them are going to because Jormungand is a terrible show to translate). Chu2koi got finished because Jaka begged/annoyed someone to do it until they agreed.

Chu2Koi 12 – END

Where to begin…

It’s been a long day today. Got off a 15H flight at 6AM, somehow had to make it to 12AM to work on this show, and 5 hours later… all done. I’m tired Z_z.

Anyway, it’s been a fairly enjoyable ride. It wasn’t a trainwreck like AO (it’s KyoAni, after all), and the plot development was all pleasantly done. Yes, that means I’m pretty glad this show didn’t turn out to be some gooey romance show. The characters were all decently developed despite it only being a 12 episode show — I had to admit that I opened up a bit to Dekomori in the end even though I found her to be really fucking annoying throughout the show.

Thanks to vale for translating this, xythar for editing this, ninja for typesetting this, koda for the sandwiches which we never got despite staying up so late, bb27 for subbing in on the last episode (vale is too busy partying), and fgg for timing that one episode in which he made quite a few errors! This team was awesome 8D

I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we (?) did! Also, merry fucking Christmas and have a happy new year!

( Torrent )

P.S. Also, thanks Sutai! Without you, we wouldn’t even be subbing this!

Jojo Ep 9 (End of Phantom Blood)

Woops I forgot to post this earlier ipl5 is on soon derp. TSM sucks. Glad they’re out. They’ve been 13-0’d by Koreans or something by now. Sad that of all people = last NA team in the winner’s bracket. Maybe their roster changes are really paying off? (Torrent)

More 4 since he’s the best and Jaka messed it up >:(