Macross Delta – 02


A little late today since I just got back from a ski trip. Back to the show: I can’t unsee these gang signs. They’re everywhere in the show now.

Also, it’s weird how I actually prefer the ED over the OP, which is incredibly sexual. Does this mean I’m Team Freyja now (well, it seems like Mikumo never was even a contestant in the first place).

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Macross Delta – 01


Guess we’re going to be doing this (read: committing to it) since Real Legal Anime Sites can’t deal with the licensing clusterfuck that is called Macross. Episode 1 has quite a few changes from the Preview episode (better animation, some change in dialogue, new content toward the end, etc). Enjoy!

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P.S. We know the video sucks but it really can’t be helped.

Tokyo Ravens – 14

[17:11:46] <Futsuu> jaka, Mango-chan: it’s up
[17:14:16] <Futsuu> here, have a release pic
[17:15:13] <@Quinn> i thought the rls pic would be you trying to kill yourself
[17:15:26] <@Quinn> with jaka chaining you to a computer that has tokyo ravens on it

That’s the best I can do.

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