LF: Translator for live action show about cats

[17:50] <@aers> btw koda
[17:50] <@aers> these this japanese show
[17:50] <@aers> about cats
[17:50] <~sona> …
[17:50] <@aers> http://www.nyaa.eu/?cats=5_20&user=219489&filter=3
[17:50] <@aers> where they
[17:50] <@aers> go around
[17:50] <@aers> the world
[17:50] <@aers> filming cats
[17:50] <@aers> http://puu.sh/3w1M7.jpg
[17:51] <@aers> http://puu.sh/3w1T5.jpg
[17:51] <~sona> can we sub this…
[17:51] <@aers> lmao
[17:51] <@aers> pick an episode and yell at a translator!

Hi hello I am looking for a translator who would like to sub this show about uguu kawaii konekochan tachis.

Recruiting V2

Thanks to those who’ve applied, despite most of you being not-very-good (like, 2 guys received a passing grade, and 1 guy was already editing for us). That was partially my fault, as I should’ve emphasized the ability to edit dialog flow — IT WAS NOT JUST AN ISSUE OF GRAMMAR. We’ll try to get through all the applications and give you some feedback on how you sucked.

We’re still recruiting translators, however. This time, please head over to our recruitment page to fill in the form if you’re still interested in trying out as a translator.

Recruiting typesetters

We need typesetters for Binbougami and Joshiraku. Both of them are fairly sign intensive, but we don’t really care if you \a6 stuff out of laziness and/or suicidal thoughts. Binbougami is a Wednesday show and you would ideally need to be around Wednesday afternoon (American time). Joshiraku airs on Thursday, but vale will be translating it slowly, so you’ll be able to typeset at your leisure.


  • Speak English and don’t be annoying.
  • Have some kind of release or work that you can point us to so we can check out your work.
  • Pm Freya on IRC.


  • Joshiraku position has been filled. Still looking for a Binbougami ga typesetter though.
  • Filled Binbougami position. Recruitment closed.

E7AO 11! And an update about new shows

the bourne identity

In this episode, cat drugs. Also, happy 4th of july. (Torrent) We won’t be doing UtaKoi since it’s being streamed on Crunchyroll. However, Funimation has yet to release Binbogami ga, so we’ve began working on the first episode. The editor had to run off to work (he’s an un-American swine), so it’ll be out later tonight. On that note, we’re looking for a dedicated typesetter for Binbogami ga. It airs on Wednesdays, and you would need to be available for typesetting beginning around 2pm PST. The signs require some effort, but \a6 is always an acceptable universal fallback so you don’t kill yourself. Please PM Freya on IRC if you’re interested.

Jormungand is over. Also, summer season.


Jormungand was so good that fnord would rather kill himself than work on it. To my knowledge, we will be subbing the second part in the fall. As for the upcoming season, people in the group were looking at Joshiraku, the re-imagination of the Hyakunin Isshu, and Binbogami. If you’re an encoder / timer / typesetter who can be around on Wednesday or Thursday, we could probably use your help with something in summer. Message Irelia on IRC if you’re interested.

Jormungand Ep 3 & Looking for New Staff

First off, here’s the torrent. We muxed Zero Raws this week.

Yumi, who was encoding Jormungand and also supposed to encode Hyoka, has retired from fansubbing. Yumi pretty much did whatever we told him to do without complaining. He often included commercials (and also replaced the Sacred Seven opening) not to troll viewers, but as a desperate cry for help.

Plorkyeran has decided to take up doing both Aquarion and Hyoka on Sundays, but Jormungand airs Tuesday mornings US time / Tuesday evenings European time, and our encoders are all at work during this time period. Sooo, we’re looking for a staff member to help out. The alternative is we mux Zero Raws every week, which I’m sure you would all love. :D We’re also looking for a timer available Sunday for Hyoka. If you’re interested, contact Freya on IRC.

Edit: Filled both positions.