About gg

gg is a fansub group. We sub whatever we feel like and whenever we feel like it. We’ve been around since 2005 during various on/off periods of activity. There have been seasons where we subbed a billion shows and there have been seasons where we subbed one show. We don’t do many projects these days since we stay away from simulcasts unless “it can’t be helped” – official translations/etc are pretty good. Over the years, we’ve grown pretty bitter. The majority of us and the oldest members aren’t particularly fond of anime (or fansubbing) anymore, and are here because of Everlasting Bonds of Friendship (no homo – group leader is female).


Our current projects can be found on the navigation bar to your right. For a list of our previous projects, I suggest you check out our profile on AniDB or MAL. People downvote us on those sites because there’s no comment required to vote, we live dangerously and have many enemies, we localize our subtitles, and no one likes our attitude, but the lists should be comprehensive enough.

Simulcast Policy

If a show is “simulcasted”, as in being released officially with English subtitles shortly after it airs in Japan, we will more than likely not bother subbing that show. You can check whether a show is being simulcasted or not using a resource like FansubDB which clearly lists all shows airing in a season, which fansubbers are subbing said shows, if there’s an official simulcast, and how late said simulcast is.

IRC Policy

Don’t be a dumbass.

82 thoughts on “About gg”

      1. hey thanks for subbing our favorite animes. i sure hope that little message about how u guys arent really fond of anime was just a joke. i dont want to think that the people subbing our anime are mesrable people haha.

  1. Aquarion EVOL is my first gg experience and I for one, am sooo happy to have it and i thank you one and all for your Good Work. I hope you keep this website alive for years and your archives available for all. Sorry about all of the ingrates. I will paraphase U2 when I say, don’t like the frackers get you down. You are all BEAUTIFUL!

  2. So, whilst watching Nisemonogatari, or Bakemonogatari, can’t remember which, and I see this woman calling everyone a faggot and talking about how gay the show is and blah blah blah and she’s sure this rant will be blamed on PMS as women have no thoughts or feelings just a PMS on off switch, look, if the bitch don’t like the show, whoopty doo, don’t sub it, and if that is your job, at the very least keep the spiteful comments about the things I find enjoyable to herself. Now, I don’t give a fuck if she was or was not PMSing, I just know that she has the personality of an aids infected rabid rhino, is probably fat, gay, or just fucking stupid. Inform her that I hope she falls ill with syphilis or leprosy and her over opinionated fingers fall off. So please, continue subbing all of these wonderful shows, and keep your shitty negative opinions to yourself. Thank you and have a wonderful fucking day.

    1. This might only be about a year too late, but your comment had me wondering for some reason after i read it. So i asked the almighty (Google) “what does koda look like?” and it just so happens the 4th link down had a video of Koda, Jaka, and assorted others. (The only reason i know that its the 2 of them is cause the camerawoman says Koda’s name, and Koda says Jaka’s) Shes not a fat chick, infact shes a skinny asian lookin chick and it doesn’t appear she has any of the ailments you had hoped for. And then there’s you… someone who goes out of their way to read said spiteful comments and gets on here crying about it… its one thing to be a no lifer, there’s a lot of us out there, but its another to bitch at the people that provide awesome free services. If you have nothing better to do then bitch at the people that give you high quality charity subs maybe you should become a no lifer for real, the hard way faggot.

      1. btw, you guys ruined the attack on titan op for me, every time i see it all i can think of is that video you posted on the third episode lol

  3. You guys should make a little icon for your website, not sure what it would be but It would look nice on my browser bar. Even shitty blogs have one so it cant be difficult.

  4. Hey GG! I just want to say thank you for all that you’ve subbed. I’ve come a long way with you. As far as I remember, I’ve been downloading Animes from GG since Kobato or even farther. Yeah I know you people are pretty serious when you sub Animes but that’s fine since you’ve been subbing great Animes. Keep up the good job GG! :)

  5. I love GG but i do wish they would also release a 480P torrent as well as the HD version as it would save people with tablets and portable media players the hassle of down-converting it manually. oh god my poor Acer it just started skipping and now there is smoke coming out of the vents :(

    1. Thank you for the Joshiraku series! I am grateful for fansubbers like yourselves who allow non-Japanese speaking fans the ability to enjoy good entertainment. Is the Joshiraku Special #1 in the works?

  6. Hi, was just stopping by to say thank you for your quality translations! I was also wondering what your plans were for Magi… or are you not planning to pick up any more shows?

  7. Hello!
    –You are one of the best fansubs around! Thanks for your hard work :)
    –And, as a little contribution for your website theme: if you want to make it to appear centered (yeah, I had the same problem), you have to edit the “style.css” file of your blog theme, scroll down and look for a section that start with:
    /* =Structure
    –then, locate the “.wrap” section and look for the margin setup, by default reads:
    margin: 0 0 -1em 1.692em;
    –you have to change it into:
    margin: 0 auto;
    –and voilá! your site now will appear centered, I checked this in Firefox and IE.
    –And again, thank you for being on the net :)

  8. This tells me nothing of what gg means! I will return to assuming it stands for Good Game! (Also Thank you for subbing Jormungand so fast)

  9. Hey guys.

    Thanks for all your anime. Liking Magi, Jormungand and Chu2Koi!

    Thanks for the hard work on Joshiraku.

    I also LoL, so if you want, would you want to have a game with me after my exams?

    Beekayy =)

  10. I just realised a huge problem when you said no homo because the group leader is a female.

    What happens if that female leader is into BL and just enjoys watching all the other homo going on within as she participating would make it Bi?

    That would explain all the accusations of fag directed at the leader till to date regardless of the reason for the usage of the word.

    …on second thought, just food for thought. Never mind…

  11. Thanks for subbing E7:Ao! And don’t fret about the rating on MAL, some people just don’t know when to stop bitching, unfortunately. I would like to see them get off their asses and produce better results. You guys are doing great and I always look forward to see your name on the torrent list. Thanks for still hanging around, homo or not. =)

  12. hi, thanks for the good work here

    I was wondering, i am pretty new to Irc and i have this “#gg unable to join channel (address is banned)” when I try to log (not each time, even though i did nothing between two connexions). Tried to look for a solution but couldn’t figure it out, any idea?

    thank you

  13. Uh… I don’t know where to ask this request of you guys. Can you upload the scripts/styles for Kara no kyoukai karaoke’s?? Though yours were quite exquisite, I am unable to find karaoke on any BD release… and gg-Takajun had hardsubbed karaoke.

  14. Hello,

    Are you the main group that subs Magi episodes? If so, I wish to help with the translation of certain terms.

    I have a list of many of the names or words that will appear in the future (either in this season or any possibly upcoming seasons) with the Arabic source pronunciation, Arabic meaning, and suggested translation in English. I know that the translators often use the well known translations for these names (i.e. in this case from the manga translations from Sense-scan). If you accept this list for the convenience of the translators, I would also be, if you are willing, able to help out with words that aren’t in the manga (like Magul Alhazard for instance) that appear. Either way, whether or not you choose to use or not use this list, I would be very grateful to receive a response back. If you agree, I will send the list. I have also sent an email (to: [email protected] ; is that the correct one? How can I contact you if not?)

  15. Thank you for the subs people, you are really doing a great job even thought you may not appreciate anime as before. Thanks for the efforts you’re doing. It’s really appreciated.

  16. @koda/Whoever-in-gg-bothered-to-reply:

    If there’s ever a “special” episode of CG just about Schneizel, will gg sub it? kthxbye.

  17. Trying to watch attack on titan episode 2. but I have to convert it to an MP4 to watch because I watch on a tablet PC, but when i try to convert it using my normal converter, this file is unreadable by windows media player, and has no sound in any other player. Any suggestions? (I have to use MP4 as the file format to watch)

  18. the #1 reason to gg subs… showing your support to people that are badass enough to play league of legends. also to keep them busy so if you wind up getting randomly matched with them as an opponent, they suck just a little bit more for spending all of their time fansubbing instead of playing ;)

  19. Hello,

    I would like to thank you all in GG team for the good work, but there is a weird thing going on. It seams i’m banned from #gg channel on irc.rizon.net : “#gg unable to join channel (address is banned)”.

    I went one time on your chan few month ago and didn’t say anything, i probably leeched a few xdcc but that’s what irc bot are for right ? =x

  20. Sometimes I’ll just be going about my business and then it hits me.
    “om nom nom delicious chess pieces”.
    Always adds a chuckle to my day. GG forever.

  21. Best sub group ever. I don’t see why ppl would hate this group they’re funny as fuck I mean look at the main page their leader is hellish funny. gg folife

  22. Thanks for your great work. ^^

    I m going to translate Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) from English to Turkish. I couldn’t find any subtitle. I’ve been watching you project. So I tought I can get the subs from you guys. If it’s possible I ll be thankful. :)

  23. Just want to give my thanks to you guys. What you guys do really is of great quality and the timing of your releases are so much more than I (and I’m sure I speak for everyone that downloads your fansubs) could ask for. And even if you guys really are still doing what you do because of close friendships – it’s still more of an organic reason than a lot of others that come to mind.

    …just please never ever fall out with each other lol <3


  24. How come I cannot find Gonzo’s Ryo anywhere online? Not even a raw! Is this on your ‘to do’ list? Or do you know if any other group is doing this? I don’t understand why all the other Anime Mirai episodes are available,but not this one. Please enlighten me.

  25. I’m sorry but I’m a scrub and I can’t convert mkv files to mp4 keepiig the sub titles.
    I got episode 9+ in HD from you guys on mp4upload. Is there any chance you guys could put episodes 8and below in HD on mp4upload? I’d really appreciate it if you could.

  26. Hey, any chance you guys can release the troll subs for Sasami 12? for download? (Or even a link to where I can rewatch them)
    It gave me the greatest laughs and I enjoyed it more than the regular one. So I’d appreciate it :D

      1. Awesome! I just wish someone could inform ahead of time on who is going to sub it because a lot of people are asking why hasn’t the movie been subbed yet despite the raws being out.

  27. Hewwo. I think you should sub “Blood Lad”. I’m always chekin’ your website to see if you’re postin’ some new animes and you only are postin’ Attack on Titans, at the moment. You should see the first episode of Blood lad, only the first and the second came out yet, but I think that anime it’s worth it

  28. Hi gg group, thanks for all your hard work subbing great anime titles. Been following your releases for a long time now. Are you also going to continue subbing the star driver movie?

  29. 1st i would like to thank u for ur hardwork and sharing all these anime with us.
    i just wanted to comment about 1 thing.
    “People downvote us” yes that much is true. i can’t judge about whether it’s better, but since i am not a native English speaker i can, at least, judge whether ur translation is easier & elegant or not, and comparing what i’ve seen on HS releases on Magi & Valvrave, i like ur subbing way better and i am very fond of it. so it’s very sad to see ppl downvoting ur subbings like that, but plz don’t get discouraged. we r supporting u all :)

  30. I do prefer your subs over the other subbing groups and because of this im here to ask and im only asking because you already sub’d episode 1. Are you going to continue to sub code geass: akito the exiled? please do

  31. Hi,will you guys be working on Kara No Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin Bluray after it’s release?Would really appreciate it if you do.Thanks in advance:)

    1. it was already confirmed as simulcast, so we obviously won’t be doing it

      also, anime mirai is our spring project

  32. I thought gg was dead subs so i came here to see some projects.
    Well yes dis give me hope on “GG” subs you create.
    Thanks gg subs for S1 Baka test

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