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      1. Still don’t see the problem tbh

        Most other subbers are fine with subbing simulcast anime, are gg afraid they’ll lose to CR/HS in terms of quality or something?? Because that sure as fuck shouldn’t be a problem considering how much CR fuck up.

  1. Wow! Just, wow!
    I’m surprised you released this episode on time :O
    I was expecting this one will be late for around 1-2 days since you just released eps 22 several days ago.

    Thanks for the hard work :D

  2. The…. the… the episode actually came on time. No it must be a trick. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

    (thanks gg love yas, still staying true and not going to commie or horrible for a quick but shittily subbed ep) ^^

    1. Yeah, so are you guys going to leave 22 in its current state? Because the sub quality on it is fucking horrible.

      Let’s see how 23 turned out . . .

  3. All my efforts in restricting myself from converting to a commie / horrible sub fag have finally paid off…. GG is back on track. Episodes are coming out soon after release. My life is complete.

    1. Nah. Except for a couple of lines: gg is back on form this time and better than the HS version, overall. (The subs for the lyrics in the opening credits are fucked up this week, but I don’t really care.)

      I do think “I’ve failed to become a soldier” should have been “I’ve failed to become a warrior”, though. (This preference will only make sense to people who have been following the manga.) And Annie referring to herself as a “maiden” sounds a bit weird in English. Minor quibbles, though.

      1. I didn’t watch the HS version but I watched the gg version and it read just fine. gg looks like they finally got their shit back together. (Except for the lyrics snafu but that’s Japanese text that most people can’t read anyway. No big deal.)

        While I agree I wouldn’t expect Annie to call herself a maiden, but she called herself “otome” which is usually translated to maiden. You could play around with that and get “young lady” or something like that but I don’t see how else the line would go. Did HS/Crunchy do something different?

        All in all, nice job guys.

      2. HS/Crunchy used “weak girl” instead of “maiden”. As you say, that’s not a proper translation. But it does sound better. Eh, again, minor quibble. Balancing between literal translation and what sounds best is a difficult tightrope to walk, so it’s understandable. I don’t envy those doing the task. Overall, gg’s version of 23 is excellent.

        So gg done good this time ’round. Kudos to them on 23, and for getting it out quickly. (Compared to last week’s, which was shit and still hasn’t been fixed.)

  4. I watched 3 different versions of this episode now and I am wondering which one is the most accurate because I read the manga which has pretty much the same dialog as the other subs team but gg have their own version which is close to the other versions but is confusing sometimes especially in this episode and I am wondering since i don’t speak japanese if the manga/most of other subs are less accurate than the gg version.

      1. So did I. The translation may have been accurate (I wouldn’t know; I don’t know Japanese) but from an English-speaking point-of-view, some of the lines are unnatural and awkward. The wording of the dialogue between Annie and Armin was particularly odd.

    1. Thx! I used your subs to fix 22 (since gg seem unwilling to do so right now), and 23.

      I found another mistake in 22, though.

      21:13: “She swore she’d to devote herself to you.”

      I also went ahead and fixed a couple of mistakes in 21. And for 23, I changed the two instances of “maiden” to “weak girl” and “weakling”. They both sounded better in English. Again, personal preference.

      1. What were the mistakes in 21? I didn’t find any myself, but when watching it, it’s entirely possible they slipped right by and didn’t notice…

  5. I just wanted to make a comment on when Annie says, “I’ve failed as a soldier.” and the distinguishing it between warrior and soldier. First of all, I want to say that I am very grateful that gg subs AoT and I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes. However, I feel that some of the plot will be lost in translation due to the inconsistency of using which . From the manga, Annie and more events for the plot to come back to the point of being a soldier vs being a warrior. Google translate does distinguish the two words but can be using synonymously

    1. Easiest way to change this is download the .ass file provided by Teri928, change file extension to txt, open it and change soldier to warrior. I did this myself so you should be able to do it.

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