LF: Translator for live action show about cats

[17:50] <@aers> btw koda
[17:50] <@aers> these this japanese show
[17:50] <@aers> about cats
[17:50] <~sona> …
[17:50] <@aers> http://www.nyaa.eu/?cats=5_20&user=219489&filter=3
[17:50] <@aers> where they
[17:50] <@aers> go around
[17:50] <@aers> the world
[17:50] <@aers> filming cats
[17:50] <@aers> http://puu.sh/3w1M7.jpg
[17:51] <@aers> http://puu.sh/3w1T5.jpg
[17:51] <~sona> can we sub this…
[17:51] <@aers> lmao
[17:51] <@aers> pick an episode and yell at a translator!

Hi hello I am looking for a translator who would like to sub this show about uguu kawaii konekochan tachis.

39 thoughts on “LF: Translator for live action show about cats”

  1. >Not subbing a show about kawaii nekos


    i seriously hope you guys don’t do this.

    also, include a troll sub .ass for shits and giggles.

    unless if that’s how you guys are going to do it, then by all means.

  2. Listen, NOBODY watching this show is going to give two fucks about what anyone is saying, they’ll be too busy (myself included) trying to avoid massive coronary collapse from all the cute.

  3. I’d gladly translate that if I had time, but the guys in the video are talking way too much to make it an easy & quick project.

  4. Are you serious about doing this? If yes, I could translate it. But it won’t be really fast.

    Please email me or otherwise provide me some form of contact.

  5. I only just started learning Japanese, but likely every second word in there is かわいい, I could do it.

  6. YES. This is needed, you’re our only hope, GG. Decide wisely out of the volunteers, this will need to be an exceptional release.

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