17 thoughts on “Henneko – 11”

  1. It’s 4:33 am here and still waiting for Titans :) and btw thank you so much for doing these shows for free also please do keep up the good work!

  2. Yeaaaaah,thanks again guys ! Starting to learn japanese so maybe I’ll be helping you guys next summer ^^

  3. Thanks! I hope there is also Nerawareta gakuean among todays releases ;D can’t wait for it, I hope it’s good even if on mal the rate is low.

    1. Thats what I said last week. This week is their deredere side, last week tsuntsun, 2 weeks ago deredere, and 3 weeks ago tsuntsun. Thanks again gg!

  4. Jaka, you suck. Stop cutting and pasting your Henneko posts. The only reason why we come is to read release posts, and reading some shit about it’s not too bad blah blah bipolar every week makes Mango and Koda Pulitzer winners compared to you.

    If all we wanted was a fucking torrent, we’d just go to nyaa/tokyo.

    Lazy ass.

  5. >shitty brat
    lol i cringed every time i saw that
    i mean they were saying kuso and everything but still it sounds weird in english

  6. Waaaaah double dose of loli and lots of Tsukiko screen time, plus plot advancing nicely in an interesting way !

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