Chu2Koi OVA (ep 13)


3/4 releases (fuck, this is tiring). I forgot how fun this show was. I hope your bodies are ready for S2.

Also, yes, we’ll definitely v2 this one when the BDMV comes out. We don’t want to keep you waiting so we’re using the only raw available (and yes it’s shit).

BD encodes are now available. See you for season 2.

( BD 720p Torrent | DDL | BD 1080p Torrent | DDL )

43 thoughts on “Chu2Koi OVA (ep 13)”

  1. This might sound stupid as shit, but what listing covers this episode on MaL? There’s so much shit for chuu there.

  2. No kiss. What the fuck. Kyoani fucking robbed us. First they refuse to make Haruhi s3, then this.

    What the fuck.

    1. i survived the endless eight, no matter how much i loved the show, i wouldnt want to see the shit they pulled if it went to another season

      thanks gg for the release

    1. Rum cake is soaked in rum, amaretto is in tiramisu, my grandmother used to put vodka in pineapple upside down cake… also… body shots if you are referring to delicious pettanko

      Also… a Yuri chu is best chu

  3. >13:47

    Wasn’t it originally “Banishment”? Could chalk it up due to drunk slurring though. Gonna hope it was on purpose and not typo-ing V for B.

    Regardless, thanks for the subs, gg.

    1. No, it’s officially Vanishment. We just didn’t realise it until like the last epsiode of the original series.


  4. um, whether or not you care, i’ll just leave this anyway:

    knowing how the op works, still ended up mistiming a line or two in the OP… 3:20 in.

  5. Thanks GG. real talk though how could there be a season 2? Didn’t the ending provide some great closure?

  6. Why does the BD version look worse than that “shitty” version you guys release earlier? The color looks worse.

    1. Maybe if you’re fucking blind.

      Look at how many of the lines on Nibutani’s hair got wiped out in the third comparison. When I got to that point while watching the shareraw I felt like I was watching a shitty cel-shaded, CG rendered show.

      The rest should speak for themselves, especially 7.

      If you’re the kind of person who turns up the volume on his music so much that it clips and covers every meal in sauce until you can’t taste the original flavour anymore then yeah, I guess artificially cranking up the colour and contrast far higher than the studio intended might subjectively look good to you, but it objectively wipes out detail that you can never get back, not to mention all the other artifacting issues in that encode.

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