Aku no Hana — Episode 11

Here’s the newest promo for KyoAni’s upcoming swimming anime. There’s been some controversy over the new character designs, but I think they add a certain unique charm to it. (Torrent)

13 thoughts on “Aku no Hana — Episode 11”

  1. KyoAni is well known for faggotry.I mean if they had animated Aku no Hana ratings would be sky-high,because they are so amaskin.Bishie buts in spandex are the new shit I guess.Fujoshi nation of the world,prepare yourselves.

  2. Bishies in spandex are the newest form of pandering faggotry, time to stop watching anime because it’s all turning into moeshit and homo garbage.

  3. Lol @ all those homophobic haters. Let the girls have some bishie boy funs as well lol. We already had our fair share of hot anime girls so at least be generous enough to let them have it as well.

    The world won’t change because you don’t like something, you should adapt to it.

    …Or start a whole campaign irl instead of flaming on boards :p

  4. It’s not the bishie,it’s the bishie-plot(or the lack of it)Moronic pantsu anime is the same for me.And the only hot girl in anime is Re-i Mayer,thus your comment is invalid.Boobs and pussy are what hentai is for.

    And GG re-opened the comments so we could flame anime,not shake hands.So,start your troll or GTFO.

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