Aku no Hana — Episode 5


Tonight on Awkward Scenes, here’s the fifth episode of Aku no Hana. (Torrent)

Now featuring a guest appearance by Karl Konrad Koreander.

19 thoughts on “Aku no Hana — Episode 5”

  1. This piece of shit again, it’s worse than shit, it’s the liquid at the bottom of a garbage bag, concentrated trash.

    It’s not even anime kono yarou~!

    1. Are you that guy calls him “Otaku Ei Sama” and comes into IRC and goes, “No otaku likes this. They don’t even call this anime. What do you think of that, gg?”

      (Because, let’s be honest here, you sound a lot like him.)

      1. Uh no Koda, no time for irc, I also don’t consider myself otaku and don’t care about otaku.
        But let’s be real honest, this shit suck, surely you agree.

  2. Good work, gg. You are max awesome.

    I need to go take a shower. It feels like I swam through maggots.


    (Someone had to.)

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