Henneko – 02


So, we’re doing this as gg instead of CoalGuys, since it’s like 80% the same team anyway. We’ll re-release episode 1 with better typesetting (the CoalGuys release had no typesetting at all) and some fixes soon, but first, we gotta work on Titan. Saturday is one hell of a busy day. Also, I think this is the first haremshit we’ve subbed in a looooooooooooong while.


( v2 Torrent )

P.S. Special thanks to Dark_Sage for editing/subbing in this week!

23 thoughts on “Henneko – 02”

  1. Good. gg usually does the good anime while Coalguys does the bad stuff. Glad you guys noticed you had it backwards for Henneko Titan.

      1. What if the idiot you’re referring to knew that, and was just saying that they use gg as front for good stuff, and CG as a front for bad stuff? You fucking idiot ;)

  2. PSA: the place Youto takes Azusa to is a maternity clinic, not an abortion clinic. Fansub trolling is fun, until you start talking shit about mai waifu.

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