Henneko – 02


So, we’re doing this as gg instead of CoalGuys, since it’s like 80% the same team anyway. We’ll re-release episode 1 with better typesetting (the CoalGuys release had no typesetting at all) and some fixes soon, but first, we gotta work on Titan. Saturday is one hell of a busy day. Also, I think this is the first haremshit we’ve subbed in a looooooooooooong while.


( v2 Torrent )

P.S. Special thanks to Dark_Sage for editing/subbing in this week!

23 thoughts on “Henneko – 02

  1. Good. gg usually does the good anime while Coalguys does the bad stuff. Glad you guys noticed you had it backwards for Henneko Titan.

      • What if the idiot you’re referring to knew that, and was just saying that they use gg as front for good stuff, and CG as a front for bad stuff? You fucking idiot ;)

  2. PSA: the place Youto takes Azusa to is a maternity clinic, not an abortion clinic. Fansub trolling is fun, until you start talking shit about mai waifu.

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