24 thoughts on “Henneko – 01”

  1. no idea why anyone would choose gg’s release over rori’s. The latter’s is superior in every way and screwing up lately with other shows doesn’t really support the former’s reputation… sadly though, they’re the only decent group doing attack on titans so yeah…

  2. Not to come off as an impatient child, but where is v3 of SnK?
    It’s been 4 days now. Surely fixing a few typos can’t take that long.

  3. I recently upgraded to the new CCCP and now red is completely messed up. Every other color is smooth and fine, but red is pixelated. The problem isn’t only in MPC, in every other player I’ve tried it still looks the same.

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/267/redissue.png/ This is what it looks like.

    Has anyone else encountered problems with just a certain color and know how to solve it? I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, updating graphics card, replacing filters, etc. I’ve used MPC for years and this is the first issue I’ve had. Help would be much appreciated!

    1. Are you using the EVR-CP renderer or VMR-9 renderer on an ATI graphics card? I also have the same issue with that setup. (though it’s been there for me since last spring; were you using a different renderer before you upgraded CCCP?)

      Oh, and I ended up “solving” it by using MadVR as the renderer. (the integrated Intel card had no issues with EVR-CP, though…)

      1. I’m using an Intel card and never had issues before. MadVR made the red look a little bit better but the overall quality decreased? I’ll keep looking into the settings though and see if I missed something.

      2. Using EVR-CP the red distorts, but with anything else the overall quality decreases, though the red is not distorted. I’m using the same renderer I’ve always used both before and after the CCCP upgrade. Playback was just fine before I upgraded and no matter how I up or down it it’s all the same. Even in VLC it looks like that….

      3. I guess you could try a System Restore to the closest checkpoint and see what was different between the configuration at that point of time and right now? (e.g. graphics drivers updated, resulting in this, etc.)

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