Aku no Hana — Episode 4


Here’s episode 4 of Aku no Hana. (Torrent)

The show will be moving to a Saturday airing time from next episode onwards. Naturally, this means our releases will move to Saturdays* as well, so you can expect episodes 5-13 to be released about a day to a day and a half later than episodes 1-4 were. Please don’t ask where the subs are next Friday or I will be very cross.

*American Saturdays. Adjust to your local time as necessary.

21 thoughts on “Aku no Hana — Episode 4”

  1. First three episodes were good if not fabulous, but really… the whole premise has run out of steam. I think it’s gonna be a drag from now on.
    (You bet, boy)
    *repeat thousand times using synonyms*
    And yeah, I can see a lovey-dovey final, powered by Stockholm syndrome.

    BTW Thanks gg!

    1. Things get pretty exciting/bizarre in the manga, not too far off from here. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Saturdays now? Goddamn, now EVERYTHING I’m waiting airs saturday.
    Anyways thanks for subs, see you next saturday

    1. Animax are taking a one-week break at Golden Week which means they’ll remain an episode behind for the rest of the show. The leading station from that point onwards is Tokyo MX on Saturdays.

      On the bright side, no more giant blue logo.

  3. Thanks for the sub.
    This show makes me want to ****ing slap it across it’s face and yell : STOP WHINNING ! I can’t decide if it’s a good show because I react to it that much or it’s bad because it makes me rage so much.
    The art is cool and they went for something more real but it just feels odd when the main character acts completly alien. Who the hell acts like that.

  4. I can definitely see how you could think the protagonist is going to remain an annoying dumb lil bitch (as is usually the case in anime), but, while I won’t spoil anything, shit is about to get real. If you really can’t stand the pacing (which only gets better), just read the manga, because it’ll probably be a couple more episodes before it becomes truly interesting.

  5. It´s Saturday… Where is Ep. # 5??Where is Ep. # 5??Where is Ep. # 5??Where is Ep. # 5??Where is Ep. # 5??Where is Ep. # 5??Where is Ep. # 5??Where is Ep. # 5??Where is Ep. # 5??Where is Ep. # 5?? x3

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