24 thoughts on “Yes I am delaying Sasami to watch the LCS”

  1. man what the fuck who gives a fuck about fucking league. You pick league over sasami fuckkkkkkk you in the fucking ass

  2. The delay in itself is disappointing of course, what’s worse though is what enourmos faggots you retards are in general. Just stop fansubbing please, spout your stupid memes in that game for 14 year olds and be done with it. You picking up shows, only to delay them all the time, just prevents actually decent groups from working on them too. Your very existence is of negative value to this world.

  3. Why do people call League of Legends “League”?

    There are a lot of games that start with League, that’s like calling DotA “Defense”.

    Who cares about watching sasami 12-24 hours later tho, you guys are retarded

  4. With a bunch of ass holes like you all posting comments it’s no wonder they would delay it for something else, shit you can’t even respect that fact that they still seem to be the fastest group subbing this show. I may be a little disappointed that they are delaying it, but they have all the right to do whatever the fuck they want to.

    1. Can you stop sucking their cock please, faggot? If they wouldn’t have picked it up, another group might have. With two groups working on it, most people didn’t consider it.

      1. Oh cry me a river will you, I just get tired of hearing everyone complain about it! Why not just fucking learn to do it instead of sucking your own damned cock!

  5. whats LCS?

    gg can delay all they want.
    they dont have to sub anything for you.
    if u wanna complain more, go learn japanese its not hard.

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