Magi will be out after my interview tomorrow. I know you don’t care that I have an interview, but I care, and it’s more important to me than fansubbing. If you don’t like that fansubbing isn’t a job to me and is actually my lowest priority activity, then you can start paying me. Right now. Btw, we’re going to have an experiment in March called “disable commenting”.

Oh, and I would like to make something clear: As far as I’m concerned, I’m not “delaying” anything. I prioritize fansubbing dead last, and I’m still doing that. Nothing comes out at the same time every week, nor is it “supposed” to come out at certain times, nor is there a “schedule” that we stick to.

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  1. I think most of us would be okay if you guys just say it’ll be delayed and an approx. time of when you would get it out…so we dont have to refresh every couple minutes

    1. Comments like these don’t really help, and further prove how selfish downloaders are… If there’s a “delay”, that means our fansubs are “supposed” to come out like clockwork on a specific schedule. I don’t remember making such a schedule, or committing to a time schedule with you or anyone else.

      1. I don’t think the people raging in the comments are the only ones that show a lack of understanding. Not when you post things like this.
        Don’t get me wrong, it’s ridiculous to think that you have an obligation to release X subs at X time, but it’s also ridiculous to think that you won’t be called out for it if you don’t. Why? It’s just how shit works. Just because a consumer doesn’t pay, he doesn’t have the right to complain? Go tell that to all the reviews of free-to-play games out there. Hell, you guys play LoL, a game you can play for completely nil, I’m sure you understand the point I’m trying to make.

        Thing is, as a fansubber group, you have something to gain from fansubbing. Maybe you just don’t think it’s important, but there’s a reason why you do it. Whether you like being helpful, or do it just for kicks, I don’t believe in true altruism, so I think that no matter what group, they do like it when people download their releases. You didn’t sign any contract, but when almost every other release group follows SOME guidelines and releases things on time and you’re the one who deviates from the norm, it’s actually weird if you think you’re NOT going to get called out on it. Then again, I think you’re just blowing this completely out of proportion. 47213 people downloaded your Magi 18th ep, and you get at most what? 150 comments spread out over all the anime websites calling you names? And you overreact by posting things like this and giving these people your time of day by making a post just for them?

        Basically, it’s just people being people. Your “leechers” are being irrational in thinking that you have to be like the other fansubbers who release things on time (and of course, sometimes it’s because they use other people’s scripts), but I think you guys are being irrational with this “you don’t pay so I owe you guys nothing” attitude. It’s not as simple as that, I’d say. Don’t call me names tho plz

      2. I agree entirely with VIstrings. First of all you cant be paid to sub anime because technically it is illegal. You guys have been doing this for like 4 years, and with each and every year you become a bigger and bigger bitch why not just stop subbing all together? If it is gonna take you like 2 weeks to release a subbed episode and you are gonna be a total bitch and react to like 100 comments across the entire internet pointed towards your lazy style of fansubbing compared to the rest of the fansub groups then maybe it is YOU who has the issues.

        Honestly I would rather you guys just not exist at least then I wouldn’t have my hopes up of you releasing content withing 72 hours of its release and I can just rely on HorribleSubs rips from CrunchyRoll. Koda i is obvious you hate fansubbing so just dismantle this group already! It is garbage! Otherwise you might reach critical mass and become the super omni bitch of the universe.

      3. well im sorry…i didn’t mean to harass you guys

        i was merely saying that you guys usually release things at certain times and although it isn’t set in stone; when you don’t say anything people just naturally feel that its delayed and will complain… all i mean is that you guys just seem to disappear if it doesn’t come out, which will of course cause people to worry and complain.

      4. Jay-El
        Thank you for all the subbed series! I am grateful for fansubbers like yourselves who allow non-Japanese speaking fans the ability to enjoy good entertainment.
        You completed the Joshiraku series. Is the Joshiraku Special #1 in the works?

  2. Good luck with the interview, and thanks for all the subs. You guys probably don’t hear that enough.
    P.S. That Valentine is fucking glorious.

  3. I am really for disabling comments on here. Sadly, your fan/userbase is utter shit, a bunch of self-important dickwads. If you don’t want to wait for your subs, go to another, possibly worse, group. Don’t bitch and moan and groan that these volunteers are selfish for prioritizing their lives over making sure your lazy ass can watch cartoons. If you really dislike it that much, start your own goddamned group, and beat them to the punch.

    Just don’t go into the comment section of their blog to verbally harass them over your favorite show, which happens to be shit.

    1. I see pros and cons in disabling the comments.
      There are some users who want to use the comments to thank GG for their work in actually subbing it while there are others who just want to troll.

      1. I’d say that such comments are few and far between, buried under the shitty ones. Given the greater force of a negative comment versus a positive one, it might be better to just remove them entirely. The decent, functional fans/users will just migrate to IRC moreso than before.

    2. Shut the fuck up JoJo is amazing.

      (Though I never complained to begin with, but it might be some other complainer’s favourite show)

    1. She presents her revolutionizing infinite energy machine to the UN.
      Koda cha, you know we’ll just come to irc to annoy you there.

  4. Magi better be up before the PlayStation Conference.
    This is America…when i get home from work i like me a sandwich from my wife and some goddamn Magi. Sub the show or GTFO, sum1 else will pick it up you obnoxious bastards…u want to get paid for subs? lol well then you better stay on schedule.

    1. Just to let you know.
      They don’t get anything back from doing this so they can do it however quickly or slowly they want. How about you start paying them and maybe they’ll start doing it on a schedule if you actually end up paying them enough.

      1. Actually they DO get something back they get a larger ego. Which is the only reason ANY fansub group that is not CrunchyRoll(cause they get paid) does anything. There is no such thing as doing something for nothing out of the goodness of your heart.

        If these people truly were such saints do you think their leader would be such a total bitch?

      2. Just because fansubbers get the right to boast their ego, it doesn’t mean leechers get the right to complain when stuff isn’t released. Why? Simple, because they actually EARNED their right to boast since they did sub the show for you leechers. You leechers don’t have any right to complain when stuff gets delayed especially when its because of real life related stuff. Unless you really want to boast about downloading the release then be my guest and make yourself look like a fool.

        Oh, and don’t even start saying stuff like “because of us leechers you guys get downloads and that’s how you guys become a good group and get a big ego etc” no bitch, if the group is known to be good, it’s not because of the amount of fans its because of the quality of their work. If they’re good they will get fans, if they’re not, they won’t get fans. Think of it like Hadena, no one complains when they delay shit, why? Because no one cares about that shit group.

  5. You could have made a quicker post saying ‘subs delayed’, but instead you took the time to bitch and moan about entitlement. Keep crying.

  6. I don’t get why some fansub groups have something like a time-schedule that they HAVE to abide by like it’s holy. I’m glad that there are groups that sub anime that I watch, so a big thanks to all involved!
    I don’t care if it is out earlier or later than ‘planned’, because if it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be able to watch the shows you sub. Again, otsukare-sama deshita :)

  7. I swear half the ‘trolls’ here are just attention-seeking whores and love to see people tell them off for being asses, since they don’t have any other way of recognition from other humans.

    Horriblesubs comments section used to be about 20x worse than this, so bad that your IQ drops considerably each second you spend reading them (thus I rely on nyaa for all releases now). HS more or less fixed their problem with a thumbs up/down system which amplified the thoughts of the people who recognised that subbers were humans, and shunned the people that thought it’d be funny to type stuff like “THE SUBBERS ARE DICKS FOR BEING LATE WHERE MY NEW ANIME” etc, or that’s what I thought happened.

    I actually came by this site for once instead of just checking nyaa for releases to see if anything was up (like maybe you got annoyed with the leechers so you dropped the series… or not :D), so thanks for the heads up for a slower release.

    Thanks for everything that you guys’ve done in subbing Magi, and good luck with the interview.

  8. This is hilarious because crunchyroll uploads their subbed version today. Koda suck my balls, you can take ur shitty magi subs and stick them up your ass.

  9. Well, if you announce why the post is late, then I’m sure everyone will understand. All of us here are lil bit noisy about it I think because we don’t have any idea why its late.

    However, good luck with the interview :)

  10. Good luck for your interview and its totally understandable you disabling the comments, just be prepared for a flood in IRC asking “anime X when/where”

  11. Thank you for explaining the delay. So long as I know when I can expect it to be released I don’t care how long it takes you to sub it. Anyways good luck with the interview.

  12. oh god how angry can one get from reading comments not meant for them…. I’m almost feeling ill reading these. I’ve pondered the reason for delay as well, but I quess it’s hard for most people to understand people have their normal lives too.

    just gambare and such, you’re doing amazing job!

  13. If [gg] hadn’t picked up Magi, another fansub group would’ve picked it up. (As Magi is popular and adorable)

    What I’m seeing isn’t “lone wolf we sub my our own rules”, but rather grown up men that took a bite, that was too big to chew.

    1. Agree.
      If gg hadn’t picked up someone else would’ve because there’s a demand for it. They picked up something hugely popular and now are assmad that they’re getting flack for NEVER releasing subs at any sort of decent time or even leaving a “hey I have important stuff to do today so you’ll maybe see it around this date”.

      Instead we get this egotistical reply “I don’t have to do anything for you” because it’s all about epeen around here. Of course leechers are going to be assholes when you write an essay about what great big assholes you think they are and how worthless they are to you.

      I can understand having real life priorities (like work, finding work etc.) but there’s having real life priorities and using them to take on a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude towards the people supporting (even inadvertently) your group.

      Like holy shit if you hate fansubbing so much STOP DOING IT and let other groups pick up the slack.

      1. @koda: I think why so many people are irk’d at you guys isn’t because of that, but because there was no notice or explanation. (Which was provided 3 days after raw but time is irrelevant.)

    1. and that is exactly the issue with GG subs. Other fansub groups expect them to release their subs within 1-2 days of the raw coming out and don’t bother subbing it themselves because they see it as a pointless action.

      GG subs is a useless fansub group at this point and only exists to delay releases further. They are not the group they were 3 years ago and never will be again the group is nothing more than a bunch of angsty immature children at this point.

    2. But those subs are not good. Sure, “anyone” can sub. But the result of that is usually something like Hadena. And we all know what Hadena are like.

      1. Actually that 1 minute of subs that guy made was very accurate. For 3 minutes worth of effort he nearly hit the same quality as GGs release now imagine if that guy had 3 hours to work on it as he pleased? It doesn’t take 100 hours to sub a 15-18 minute episode.. Nobody cares about the karaoke so you can remove that from the time and just leave it raw. If you have a decent team it shouldnt take more than 2 hours to sub a 30 minute episode entirely from start to finish this includes openings/endings.

        With a fansub group your expectations are lower but you still expect them to sub it within 1 or 2 days. I don’t see how anyone can see this to be unreasonable.

        If you want to fansub something just for the e-peen(which is what GG subs does) then you cant really expect people to inflate your ego when you dont deliver. And then you have the nerve to go and rage about them not inflating your ego? What kind of retarded logic is this?

  14. Just want to say Good luck on your interview and i also don’t blame you on fansubbing being the lowest thing on your totem pole fuck all the little kids that bitch about you “delaying stuff” also good luck again.
    your friendly stalker Jeff

  15. Good luck on your interview. You’re right to focus on that.
    And don’t worry about us leechers, we won’t whine over it, we’re your fans, we’ll wait.
    Thanks for everything, and again, good luck.

  16. Let the people talk, ignoring is the best medicine
    Also some people here should really stop trying to be (compulsive) funny, know your place

  17. It is quite sad that so many of these people fail to realize that the world does not revolve around them and their expectations. People seem to fail to realize that this is nothing more than a hobby that is done in their free time. They get nothing out of it and do it because they actually like doing it. This may be the lowest priority of anything they do but regardless of how long it will take they usually do up them eventually and their are under no obligation to do so. Just sit back, be patient, and wait. In the advent that one decides to quit doing this it would be understandable considering what a bunch of dunderheads the majority of the complainers are. If GG ever decides to stop fansubbing then fine and let them unless things get really really bad (or too long) it is likely that GG will still finish the current seasons shows. This is not a paid job but a hobby and people’s hobbies can change over time. Hell one needs to remember that the fansubber could simply do this in their own time and not share it with anyone so thank them for sharing.

  18. Probably late, but good luck with your interview.

    Honestly though, in your position, I wouldn’t have even made this post. I get you were being courteous to the fraction of people who are polite about these things by letting them know the subs would be late, but all this really did was give the people who will complain regardless another avenue to do it.

  19. Well, everyone here in the comments are pretty big jerks. Sure it may not take long to Sub an Anime but that doesn’t mean people don’t have lives. FreeToPlay games make money by selling your Personal Info to third-parties and serving you ads. These guys are doing this in their spare time and on their own dime. They have no incentive to sub these shows except for their own good will. If you don’t like the speed at which they sub something then leave and shutup. I don’t see anyone else doing a better job then they do and Crunchyroll(The official subs) were only released today and they’re paid.

    So the moral, if you are getting something for absolutly no personal cost of any kind then you have no right to dictate when you are given something. These Fansubs are a gift and you are just being whiny children complaining about not getting your candy when you demand it. So again, SHUT UP! Enjoy your HorribleSub(CR-Rips) that you don’t pay for either.

    PS: Thanks GG for your sparetime and effort, I look forward to your further efforts. Just in the future, if you’re busy with other things it’d be nice to just post something like “Busy for awhile. Subs will be whenever.” Just so people don’t start panicing. That’s all. And Again, keep up the good work.

  20. I like your subs…however being rude towards the people who have been downloading your stuff is absolutely ridiculous and sad. I mean…really?…No one is expecting you to do anything. The only thing you had to say was “I have real life issues to deal with and I’ll be sure to put the episode when I get a chance”. What was the need to tell us your business? I don’t get it. I will say GL on your interview, but I will be moving on to another sub group because the mistreatment of the people who have taken time to come to your site is ridiculous.

  21. Oh goodie, for some reason I’ve chosen to break my morning routine and add my 2 cents to this mess.

    Here’s the thing. Sure, quite a number of people are just mad ass hell that their subs aren’t here now. And yes, that’s stupid. Like Koda says, they don’t have a schedule, and even if they did, real life important responsibilities can get in the way. Look at some Youtube channels or webcomics that conspicuously display their release schedule, even they have times when content is delayed due to higher responsibilities. And those two examples more likely than not make some money off their content, GG does not. My favorite webcomic Prequel has absolutely no schedule and generally long wait times between updates, but I still jump for joy when that update comes and I’m sure as hell not insulting the guy behind it in the meantime.

    However, I also think at least a tiny, roundabout related, bit of the blame could be placed on Koda [for this post]/GG. What I mean is, especially in this post, Koda comes across as kinda a jerk and really not giving a shit about subs. That may well be true, but tone of voice, even when online, means a lot, and people are more likely to get riled up or even defensive the more irate anyone is. (Though from my own high chair I would just want to call everyone idiots for not seeing what Koda means and instead taking it at face value, but I try to have the outside view.) Koda could’ve made an attempt to explain the situation more neutrally, (certainly not saying they have to do the opposite and cry and apologize for not having their -hobby- done at any given time), at least out of consideration for the varying degrees of intelligence within their viewership.

    And hey, you all talk of ego and such, “why aren’t they doing it on time if they want their epeen stroked”. Well lemme tell you, they already are. They get these episodes done in under a week. They have viewers (as is shown in how many download their releases and how many comments there are). They may not be the biggest group, but they have a name for themselves and I don’t have to explain why. Having that name goes a long way, ya’ll are looking really micro.
    I help translate an obscure as fuck manga that know one cares about. (pyuu to fuku jaguar! go read it now! *cough* *cough*). Our team consists of three translators including myself, and one cleaner/typesetter. There are like, 4 other members that were just cleaners and pretty much disappeared. Do you know how few comments we get? How we have no way of tracking how many people actually download/read what we put out? I swear all of us are only doing this because we love the manga and want to share it, not for ego. But what I’m trying to get it is our release times. This manga stopped running in 2010, all 20 volumes are printed, and we work slow as all hell. Yes we’re all college students, yes jobs are important, yes we still want to have fun and play video games or watch some damn anime (and all of these things are likely true of GG as well), but if we had some evidence of people enjoying our work, guaranteed we’d work faster. And this is what GG already does. GG could be like my group, taking over two weeks to translate an 8 page chapter (or personally not even releasing one in a month [idk why I haven’t been kicked from the group ;_:]), but they get full episodes of anime done in under a week from release. For free. Why does anyone have to explain this situation. Why did I just bother explaining it I’m gonna miss my class now, god damn I’m dumb.


    1. yea, agree with u…
      it just koda said it too “hard”..
      and some people r “sensitive” about that..
      maybe next time just just say it “netrally” n no one will go berserk..

      really if must say there is so much love for this fansub because so much comment on it..(even the loooooooooooooooong one)
      i am personally just come here to grab some release n close it..
      not even care to read a comment or write a long one..
      but this case, i write some(yep, still not long one) to show that i care..
      well, at least..
      just chill out dude..
      not every thing that they said is really what they mean..
      and not every thing that u read is always have a person that responsible behind it..
      its internet after all..

      1. i no i sry
        idk wat got into me i talk a lot irl

        Just read the last paragraph I guess I didn’t say anything important, none of these comments do lol

  22. I really don’t mind waiting for releases no matter how long they take.

    But somehow other groups manage to delay shows without the whole “got better things to do, fansubbing is the shit I scrape off the bottom of my shoes, why do I even do this, what people are actually looking forward to our files?” attitude. Of course that’s your prerogative, but it just pours fuel on the fire that you seem to hate so much.

    1. My bad, not “delay”. Whatever term you want to use that doesn’t offend your sensibilities for when you make a post giving a status update on a coming release.

  23. I appreciate what you guys do and I’m not so stuck up my own ass that I can’t wait for a release. I see it like you do; it’s a free service, there’s really no schedule, and you’re not really getting anything out of it so RL priorities take precedence. If people don’t want to wait for your release they can go somewhere else., but I love GG’s quality and sense of humor so I always wait. Good luck with the interview, Koda.

  24. Good luck with your interview. I kinda hope you fail, just because you’re a bitch. Either way, if you just copy/paste the CR script for Magi, then you guy suck the biggest dicks on the internet and I sincerely hope the cum shoots your head off.
    I hate you because I love you. Had you been average I wouldn’t give a single fuck if you were late. But because you are the best, i sucks when you are being cunts.
    By the way, I always seed 1000% of what I download, so don’t call me a leecher just because I hate your stupid face.

  25. 1) Good luck

    2) People that get angry over release times from groups translating as a hobby are either autistic or self-entitled children, but why go out of your way to make it seem like you don’t give a shit about subbing and treat it like some annoying scum stuck to the bottom of your shoe? Simply state there will be a while until the episode gets released due to real life issues and leave it at that, there is no need for an egotistical post like this.

  26. Thanks for subbing things at all! It’s out when you release it which is totally reasonable, and it’s pretty sad how entitled people think they are to a service you’re providing FOR FREE.

    Also good luck with your interview!

  27. fuck GG and his/her fucking lazyness and that job interview ( which i hpe you get it however)
    [HorribleSubs] Magi 19 is out. kkthx.

  28. Magi is the same shit every week anyway. The only reason I’m still watching is for Morgiana’s legs.

    In short, good luck with the interview.

  29. lulz…reading comments like this makes me laugh.

    Koda actually getting paid? then she could probably buy those BDs she alway asking people to upload. even more, she probably could finally lay back and have the group release on timed basic.

    but let be realistic. koda has a life. she a girl. maybe. who know? even a girl like koda has to get out. even all of you have a life, right? and if you spend that much time commenting, then why don’t you donate to help them out? it not like they’re using it to pay companies for exclusives right like Cruchyroll does. and let not forget, cruchyroll got a long way to go before they finally refine their subs, grammars and timely releases.

    then there also the so-called “fan”. if you are truly a fan of anime, go learn the frigging language and stop hating the fansubbing group that take effort to translate these. and if you can’t learn the language, stfu and gtfo. honestly. i appreciate the works that the fansubbing group does. it also nice to know if the group is dropping it, regardless of the reason. but let be honest, if you spend that much times on pc refreshing it every minutes or something to get the releases, you should spend those times doing something productives instead of beeing NEETs.

  30. I know people are stupid, and I know they’re selfish, and I know they walk around with a false sense of entitlement, and I also know they irrationally misinterpret innocuous statements because they’re over sensitive and narcissistic and think the world revolves around them, and I even know they like to masturbate furiously over their favorite little cartoons, and when they can’t they fly into an inconsolable, apoplectic rage, and I especially know that people are poorly educated, infantilized, bourgeois ass-hats who use inarticulate diatribe full of logical fallacies and ad hominem attacks because they’re incapable on using their brains to properly form coherent arguments, and instead think throwing temper tantrums and insulting everyone will get them what they want, and even though I know all this, it still leaves me speechless when I see it.

    Also, thanks [gg] for all the hard work. You’re awesome. :)

  31. Hey, Koda! I just signed in to say fuck all those haters. Keep making your paper and get your shine on. Stay real until the end. Fuck all you ungrateful trolling bitches!!! I hope one day you drop fansubbing and let these ungrateful bitches suffer! Shoot-out to the gg team for providing with subs until my Japanese skills improve!!!!!

    Don’t forget your suit, Koda!!! ^_^

  32. what in the actual fuck happened here? o.O
    funny how there is even more rage in here compared to the time [gg] made trollsubs for hidan no aria from years back.

    anyhoo, hope that interview went well for you koda!

  33. Look. Lazy Style or not, you “Typically” release certain shows on certain days or within a day of whateer certan day it is.
    You dont have to. but around those certain days, Tens of thousands of people start checking and hopeing and waiting.

    All we ask is that if you wont release whatever it is, around its usual day or in a “timely manner” (You decide what that means), that you please let us know, so we can stop fucking loitering around your website waiting like idiots.

    Thats it. We dont expect anything more from you. Just extend us that tiny courtesy and the grand majority of us will be happy.

      1. Always fascinating to see how many people still refuse to use them. I dare to say, the people who scream the loudest here are those without a feedreader.

  34. Late to the party, but here’s my 5 cents.

    I don’t pay for fansubbing, ergo I have no right to complain. I download, watch, then buy when it comes out on BD/DVD. If a group is gracious enough to sub a show I have an interest in, I’ll watch, provided their translations aren’t ass-hack babelfish subs like in the late 90s early 2Ks. If they want to/are able to release episodes in a timely manner then that’s great, if not, I kill puppies, simple as that. (Just kidding… I kill KITTENZ! Everyone knows Anime People are Cat People!)

    Seriously though, if any of you remember wayyyy back before BoxTorrents and the current sub-group era, then you remember the ridiculous quality and availability of subs. Folks, we’re talking Napster/Morpheus/LimeWire/Kazaa/BearShare sub availability when it took a week just to download an episode because there were only 3 people who had the damn thing and 2 of them still had dial-up interwebz. And we’re not talking MKV 10bit subs either, we’re talking 50 megabyte episodes ripped off a VHS into a shitty pre-DIVX format! You remember! The yellow subs! Oh God! The Yellow Subs of Suck! Flashbacks! Original Evangelion Subs! AKIRAAAAAAAA!
    Sorry about that. Traumatic shiz yo. Anyway, I remember it took like 3 months across multiple P2P platforms just to get a shit conglomerate of Beserk, and it was still horrible! It was done by different groups with different grammar and spellings, and I think one group even used RealMedia format for their encodes. Looking at things in perspective waiting an extra week or so isn’t much of a deal. But then again I guess I’m old school anime, I remember renting anime VHS tapes at Blockbuster. Now we live in the era of instant gratification and people have no patience. Oh well haters always gonna hate.

    One last thing. I’ve always though GG was a site/group where a little chiding was the norm. For the longest time I remember GG was “GG, because you can’t spell faggots without us.” So ocasionally when I’ve posted I like to chide. Sometimes scarcasm, a little playful abuse, and once or twice a death threat or some such nonsense. T’was all in jest, I can assure you. There is no sniper outside your window… you’re just imagining things…

    I’m sure when I’m sober tomorrow and come back to read this it’s going to lack coherence and seem idiotic so I’m going to apologize to myself now for making myself look like an ass-hat in the future. Self, I’m sorry.

    Keep up the fine (and for the most part timely) work GG, and Koda, I hope the interview goes/went well.

    1. Also I want that cherry Dum-Dum and that valentine! You have an hour to comply, or I give the sniper the go-ahead… tick-tock tick-tock Koda, wha-cha gon’do?

  35. You claim to not follow any schedule, but you still announce when a show’s subs are going to be delayed. If you truly cared as little as you claim, you wouldn’t bother doing so. You’d just release them when they’re done. All you’re doing when you post those delay announcements is giving unneeded attention to the fact that they’re not going to be out same-day, and drawing out all the people who would be likely to be dicks about it. If you really don’t give a shit about the expectations of people who download your subs, start acting like it.

    Hope the interview went well, by the way.

  36. oh im late…xythar, koda ,val i love uuuuuuuu(meh herks and the rest too >.>) lol koda don’t worry about shit i don’t know how your job interview went i just hope it was great . xD next time don’t bother explain u had a bad moment and i understand lol that’s why i quit fansubbing have a nice day

  37. i think what’s sad here is that leechers think it’s “expected” that a group should take a show and work its magic on it and get a subbed episode out within 24/48/whatever hours. as if it’s noteworthy enough to warrant a notice, or even an *apology*, if it’s delayed beyond that.

    protip: just fucking check gg’s site like every 1-2 days. you’re not going to die if you watch the show a day or two late and can’t join in the internets discussion surrounding it. this isn’t star driver.

  38. Even I have a consistent release schedule
    This comment was from ME, CaeX!
    Keep up the good work on Jojo as I add to the clusterfuck

  39. Holy crap, look at all these people with ants in their pants over fansubs. I really shouldn’t be surprised by the amount of essays/cursing, but i am.

    Hope you did great at the interview, thanks for doing great work on my illegal animes- and yeah, you probably should just turn off comments forever.

  40. I been downloading and watching from fansubs for almost 10 years now…
    In those times I seen countless retards on the internet “demanding” or raging at fansubbers. I just came to terms that the internet a.k.a anonymous you see human’s true nature in general… basically we are fucking selfish greedy bastards.

    I hope you realize that despite the hate, you still have many fans that appreciate the hard work you guys put into subbing anime. I do, and you are one of my favorite fansubs groups together with a few others (UTW, Mazui, Doki)…

    People have no clue how bad it would be if these 4 subgroups would close… We would all have to depend on Horriblesubs? OMG. Now that would be sad.
    So, all in all, I appreciate your work and please keep it up and dont let the comments get to you guys!


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