[email protected] Ep 5

Let’s see… Episode notes…

  • Yes, I actually put off Sasami to watch the LCS.
  • Yes, they actually say tweet.
  • Yes, someone actually tried to localize the pun.
  • Yes, Kagami actually uses vulgar words.
  • No, we have no idea what’s going on in this anime.

Anyway, torrent.

Real show title: Koda@:Schneizeleffort:.

15 thoughts on “[email protected] Ep 5”

  1. I have to admit I’m a dumb faggot who was Mad As Hell over another delay because I don’t have a life and also because I’m a huge SHAFTfag, so seeing this now made my night. thanks as always.

  2. Hi. Long-time fan reporting in (since Rec). What’s the meaning behind “schnizeleffort”? Aside from lol Schnizel, I haven’t figured it out.

    1. That’s pretty much the joke. Schnizel put low effort into things and koda just started calling things “schniezel effort”.

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