[email protected] – 07v2

Let me hear your version of the relationship chart (you’ll get one once you watch the episode). Father —->Mom/Brother/Daughter is mine. How creative can you get?

(v2 Torrent)

I muxed the script w/o signs and stuff. V2 here.

27 thoughts on “[email protected] – 07v2”

  1. I just noticed, but there seems to be a trend of “I hate GG-subs so I must be cool” thiing going around here.

    Is it because of the YodaSubs for Shakugan no Loli III?

  2. I didn’t see a chart in this episode, but if you mean who can beat up who, I’m so far on top that it’s not even funny.

  3. This show confuses me in a way that confuses me. I want to scream “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHOW ABOUT!” but the problem is I could then give myself acceptable answer to that question. That’s what really bothers me.

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