20 thoughts on “Sasami is airing later because of Japanese baseball…”

  1. Delayed by baseball? This show really needs to try harder. Keeping your time slots isn’t some kind of right, you know.

      1. Dattebayo did it as a troll when Baseball was aired instead of a Bleach (or maybe Naturo, I forget) episode a few years ago. It was actually hilarious.

    1. Guy tripped over nothing and faceplanted, people laughed, camera went up to the sky, “Finn~” appeared in the middles of the screen, and finally fade out into black screen.

      1. but are you ~sure~? like ~sure sure sure~?

        Naturally we’d have better knowledge of Japanese timeslots than those that work with them to provide timely fansubs.

        So I ask you again, are you suuuuuuuuuure?

  2. Screw sasami!
    Get ready to sub JOJO and release it tomorrow!

    It’s also a good time sub another good show like joshi.

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