32 thoughts on “Magi Ep 20”

  1. “Those two they do the slow, awkward pan and focus on are obviously not the bad guys…”

    c’mon guys, you’re suppose to say spoiler alert for these kinds of things. thanks for the release though xD

    1. Well seeing as those two were already shown in the opening standing with the EVIL weapons dealer, I’d say its pretty obvious they’re not some goody two shoes.

  2. Unless you been blind this entire time the opening’s come on… sure… but then again… they didn’t really give off the “good guy” vibe…

    Thanks so much for the episode!

    Have a great night!

  3. Go ahead and disable comments gg. The you can OFFICIALLY ignore all the people who disagree with you or offer constructive criticism.

  4. I guess you wanted to say “thank you”, but misspelled it?
    Don’t worry, not everyone’s great at spelling, so I’ll show you how to spell it correctly: „Thank you for your work, gg! :)“

    On a sidenote: Thanks for the episode, gg!

  5. [email protected] gg

  6. Thanks for the release! Good work :-)

    Also, to all you entitled jerks who like to sit on your duffs and complain while the people at GG give you free work..what happened to you? Didn’t anyone teach you to be gracious and thankful when given a gift?

  7. Seriously guys?

    They released an episode quickly, even after the comment fiasco last week, and you ungrateful leechers are STILL complaining? Go learn the meaning of thankfulness… geez..

    Thanks for the episode gg, Really appreciate it.

  8. lol you guys, gg sucks tiger dick and pours cow semen over their lazy torn anuses. Oh, and this is another way to spell thank you: go fuck baby trolls gg sucks. And now you say you’re welcome.

  9. Another way to say thank you: GG are a bunch of self absorbed trolls who think watchers cant live without them. If you dont sub it, someone else will, so stop giving non japanese speakers so much shit. YOUR WELCOME!

  10. Just a conspiracy theory from a randomly passing stranger:

    I claim that all those complainers, QQers etc. that lately seem to pop out more often than you could justify with common sense is just a way of publishers to fight fansubbing groups. So in my opinion we shouldn’t grace them with our attention xD

  11. Did comments get deleted since people complain about haters, when in fact, I don’t really see any. (Compared to how it usually is)
    Anyway, thanks for the subs, I seeded almost 10gb.

    A word of advice; lay back on the holier-than-thou attitude. As people have already said: If you don’t sub it, someone else will. I can understand that the hate can be tiring, but addressing it is counter-productive and only adds fuel to the fire.

      1. I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention to come off as a troll.
        I was just pointing out that people often take offense to comments like the ones in the post last week where you responded to the hateful comments, when you acted like all of your “fans” are ungrateful assholes. Keep in mind that they are just the vocal minority and should not be taken all too seriously.
        Sadly though, they are the people that are seen, since most people doesn’t comment.

        I also said some stupid stuff last week and I will take this opportunity to apologize for that, even though you probably don’t care about one person’s apology.

  12. reading the comments here is way better than the actual episode. guess that just shows that A-1 sucks balls at adapting manga.

    btw it’s Al Sarmen. it’s not that hard.

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