33 thoughts on “Magi Ep 19”

  1. I know you prioritize fansubbing ‘dead last’. But I think you yourself know it’s ironic that you prioritize posting stupid posts like the one before which could have taken up some time. Most ironic of all, you even reply to said post. LOL

  2. Hope the job interview went well :)
    Thanks for the anime. We leechers can afford to wait a few days if life presses in. It’s your free time hobby, not a job.

  3. Your lowest priority activity has provided me with hours upon hours of entertainment.

    I just want to say thank you, for this and every show you’ve subbed.

  4. Hey, thx for the subbing.
    Keep up your good quality even if it takes you a few days longer.
    I do not mind waiting for 10 days for an episode instead of 7.
    Spoiled freeloaders are annyoing but do not let them get it into your head ;)
    Well i am not paying you either so all I can give you is my gratitude.

  5. You went to such lengths explaining yourself in the last post only in order to have something to laugh at, right?

    I understand, interviews can be stressful, and it’s hard to find quality entertainment lately, so we settle for quantity.

  6. I don’t actually watch this show, but can anybody tell me if this episode was actually worth that large shitfest in the comments for the last post?

    Also, thanks gg, for usually being entertaining, if not much else.

  7. The comments on the previous post are really frightening (some should be looking for medical treatment^^)
    … Anyway, hope the interview went well. Thanks for Magi and good luck in your job hunting.

  8. So did you get the job or what? With all the drama at least let us know how it went. (and if it is customer service then LOL)

  9. fuck gg subs. What a bunch of self-absorbed trolls. Its not like we need you, if you dont bother subbing, someone else will. And if they dont, at least no subs are better than you.

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