Magi Ep 18

Breather episode or something. Torrent. Happy Chinese New Year. May you receive many hongbao.

Oh, I went to Tempe and saw the Madoka movie last night… Honestly I would’ve been better off sitting at home and rewatching the TV show.

As for Jojo, well…

[15:03] <@Earth_Nana> exreality are you ever gonna time jojo (   ‘__’)
[15:03] <@exreality> im timing it right now
[15:03] <@exreality> lol
[15:03] <@exreality> then someone linked me hats vs lakers game
[15:03] <@Earth_Nana> oh ok (   ‘_’)
[15:03] <@exreality> was i supposed to do it quickly
[15:04] <@Earth_Nana> no
[15:04] <@Earth_Nana> but for reference, we started working on magi after you said you’d time jojo,
[15:04] <@Earth_Nana> and we just finished it
[15:04] <@Earth_Nana> so like
[15:04] <@Earth_Nana> that’s a meter
[15:04] <@Earth_Nana> of how slow you are
[15:04] <@exreality> lol

35 thoughts on “Magi Ep 18”

    1. I feel bad for laughing at that. But yeah, fuck that asshole who won’t give me my JoJo fill of the week. Thanks for Magi at least—

  1. Thanks for Magi!

    With regards to movies,
    A) the rourin kenshin live action movie was actually not that bad.. I expected it to suck balls but actually worth a shot on a grey Sunday afternoon movie on television while not paying for it.
    B) the Hellsing ultimate movies (ova’s if your nitpicking) are REALLY good and i think their a Shit load better then the original anime.. thus.. An anime movie that is actually really good and worth the time ;)

    1. Thing with Hellsing Ultimate is that we have 10 hours of material (thats even more than in the first anime), so they had enough time to develop the story. What i meant where 90 minute movie adaptions of 5-10 hour long series.

  2. Completely off topic
    Anybody knows how to solve the the problem with ATI driver software not installing the CCC ? stupid ATI i knew i should have bought the other laptop with nvidia card.

    1. hell no, magi is one of the good ones you take to the end, that said though i do watch the longer running one too, and thoroghly enjoy them, but only because they are good, and anyone who says otherwise has bad taste

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