21 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Ep 20 (v2)”

  1. I know you said you don’t read these anymore, but as someone who has taken up resubbing poor translations I truly respect your work. I don’t have to typeset or time or translate, just rewrite and edit and that alone takes me 10min of work for 1 min produced. For all of you to do this for free, to put your heart into making something for the community, I want to say thank you.

  2. Hey I was just following what was going on here in the comments section because you said it’s your lowest priority to fansub. Well.. as a former fansubber I can understand that totally and I agree with you. I only watch Jojo’s from you guys and I must say that you do such a great job with it that I couldn’t care less how long you need for an episode to be subbed, heck sometimes I wait for multiple episodes to be completed (woooot I have a real life in fact ugh) and then watch these from gg. This is just a fan speaking here admiring your work, since even if you would take 1-2 weeks after it’s release I would prefer your subs over all (Even though when it comes to Jojo’s you don’t even take 2 days or so which is crazy! Yeah, believe it or not, this is fast for me for dat quality of your subs). I mean, you are (like every fansub group else) doing this for free, and even if you complain.. one can see the love you put into your subs by making them special (In jojo’s case though, since I’m not watching magi or any of the other titles you sub I can’t speak for these) So thank you for the last episodes, for this episode and for any future episode of Jojo’s. Sorry for my broken english though I’m german.

    I can only Imagine what you’re dealing with every week and damn it also thank you for keeping this up so good.


    1. Jojo is far more “special” than other gg projects, not that the others lack any quality – but I really appreciate the liberties the translator has taken with jojo – I couldn’t stand it with any old project, but considering the different time periods jojo takes place in it’s pretty fitting.

      As someone who’s get in a grump over toku subs translating a riders “Henshin” into “Transform”, it says a lot that I find gg’s jojo subs to add to the enjoyment of the show.

      Thankyou for delivering such a fabulous set of subs.

      1. I wouldn’t be upset – that was a bad choice of words on my part, but I prefer it left untranslated when it comes to Showa Kamen Rider – it’s became more of a catchphrase than something that requires translation – just like I wouldn’t expect Kamen to be translated into “masked rider” within the show.

        Toku has plenty of things that are generally left untranslated, you wouldn’t translated the Geki in Gekirangers to “Wildrangers” etc. I feel “Henshin” falls into that category, many would agree – though I by no means demand it of people / get mad if it was translated – I can see why and if the translator wants to then I’m not going to complain about their free service and decisions regarding the translation of a show about a man dressed as a grasshopper kicking other men until they explode.

        Just personal preference and I can appreciate that plenty of people feel differently and view it as idiotic TL NOTE: KEIKAKU MEANS PLAN level nonsense.

    2. I’ve been having a rather unpleasant week, but I am grateful for your full viewership of our work.

      Thank you for your kind words.

    1. Emotion is a very difficult thing to capture through text, but I always try my damnedest to illicit that.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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