BluEx Movie Trailers 1+2

Just to show you how not very serious we are about subbing the BluEx movie, here are some trailers that were ripped off of YouTube and look like pixels. They also include the typical anime movie trailer construction of “random action scenes” + “random scenes that show old cast” + “introduction of anime movie-original characters” + “tons of talking that gives away the plot” (KugiRie is a demon from a picture book that Yukio and Rin read when they were kids and Silver Haired Bishonen probably Wants to Kill DemonKugiRie) + “UVERworld’s theme song playing”. Anyway, Trailer 1 + Trailer 2.

(To be honest, I have no idea why BluEx is so popular.)

9 thoughts on “BluEx Movie Trailers 1+2”

  1. the reason BluEx anime is so fucked up because A-1 is an ugly studio.
    yeah I read the manga before A-1 make the anime version, I really enjoyed the manga and I hate the anime.

  2. yay! I was thankful that you guys still loyal and serious with the series.. been looking for this since last year TT_TT Hopefully it will sub soon! Thank you so much in advance :)

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