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  1. I humbly offer my sincerest gratitude for this. It’s easy to get bitter doing all this work for just about no reward, but I (and others) are forever indebted to you.

    Thanks for the sub! You’re all godly!

  2. ===I posted this on the “About” page as well===


    Are you the main group that subs Magi episodes? If so, I wish to help with the translation of certain terms.

    I have a list of many of the names or words that will appear in the future (either in this season or any possibly upcoming seasons) with the Arabic source pronunciation, Arabic meaning, and suggested translation in English. I know that the translators often use the well known translations for these names (i.e. in this case from the manga translations from Sense-scan). If you accept this list for the convenience of the translators, I would also be, if you are willing, able to help out with words that aren’t in the manga (like Magul Alhazard for instance) that appear. Either way, whether or not you choose to use or not use this list, I would be very grateful to receive a response back. If you agree, I will send the list. I have also sent an email (to: [email protected] ; is that the correct one? How can I contact you if not?)

      1. I am trying, but I have no idea what I’m doing. All I see is

        * Karaelolz ([email protected]) has joined #gg
        * Trystero ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
        * Karaelolz ([email protected]) Quit
        * Karaelolz ([email protected]) has joined #gg

        I don’t even now if that is where people do the talking. When I type my message there, no one responds. No one is talking.

    1. So what’s stopping you from just posting suggestions or w/e on the website…? You are clearly capable of commenting and those words don’t appear often enough for us to care about them too much.

      1. 1. How would I know what words appear in the episode that I can assist with before a preliminary sub is made? (Yes, I can view the raws, but since I’m not fluent in Japanese, I am likely to miss words)

        2. Where exactly do I post so that they see my post before the sub is released?

        3. “those words don’t appear often enough for us to care about them too much.”

        That’s irrelevant. I just want to help out here. I would like to give free minor assistance so that words are translated properly. If someone is called ルルーシュ・ランペルージ, I don’t want to see Rulush Lanpeludge or something that wasn’t the intended translation, if we have the resources to avoid that. It can’t hurt right? As I said, I have a list I can provide that should cover most things. Tell me how to send it and I will provide the list easily. For words not on the list, I can help with that on a case-by-case basis.

      2. The majority of people who have feedback or names to correct usually watch the release and comment [whatever] after. It looks like you already spoke to midsummer though.

    1. Have you ever seen South Park fansubbed in Japanese? In the Coon episode, there’s a Japanese TL note that says coon is an American racist term for a black man.

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