Magi Ep 13

Well, something has to be released around here. (Torrent) New op/ed. Encoder claims that the terrible frames in the op are because of the source. I think he’s full of it. Speaking of the op, nice merman gear you’ve got there Sinbad. Also this episode is probably large because there’s 80 fight scenes. And o ho ho ho, a guy who turns into an elephant talks about people having poor memory.

32 thoughts on “Magi Ep 13”

  1. I’ve been a huge fan of GG since I found it..
    So no offence as I really like your subs, but the new OP looks like crap.. you placed the subs on top of original kana/kanji.. which TBFH as I said before looks like crap..
    I’d say, if there are kana/kanji where you would normaly put the subs, put it on the top…
    fansubs by definition are products you use for yourselves and possibly to share with the anime community.. But!! these products should be remained intact as originaly is wanted..
    aka.. I can’t! read kana/kanji but perhaps a big group of your fans can and due to accuracy they prefere your added subs.. as native english speakers sometimes prefer to have subtitles added to a movie..

    Please continue as you did in the past and deliver S level quality at an A level pace..
    p.s. you seem to have compitition from buddy waters for JoJo whom is.. a freakin 1 man fansubbing team… Just sayin’…

    1. 1) What are you even talking about? The kanji on-screen was put there by the animation studio. Putting the translation over the kanji would be retarded because then it would be 1/4th way up the screen and overlap with the focal point of the opening visuals. Putting the translation under the kanji would be retarded because then the translation would be cut off by people watching with overscan.
      2) The Jojo translator has a thing called a job and he works on Friday. We go at whatever speed we want.

      1. Does that mean we won’t get our thirteenth episode of JoJo until next Friday/Saturday? :———(

    2. Personally, I’m not too agreeable with people who go around flouting their credentials as professional translators, as the sole point of persuasion. Whether or not this has changed since, it is of no great importance to me.

      Anybody can make messy 3+ liner subtitles, but it takes attention, care, and effort to make the viewer want to watch cluttered text appear and disappear.

      One cannot rush art without sacrificing quality… But I’m certain there are people who would only like to have a layer text to read within a certain period of time.

      1. I want anyone with a negative opinion of this release to eat an entire bag of dicks over being childish and elitist over getting a FREE release. You’d have to wait, and pay for Crunchy Roll for oh.. Three days to get this episode, or get a ripped copy from them Horrible Subs blokes!

        The release was both timely, of great quality, and properly translated to the level that I could easily understand what was said in all scenes!

  2. The people who are getting so serious need to calm down, your anime’s going to come (eventually) no need to get so stressed about it.

    And thanks to the gg staff for providing magi ^^

    1. You’re complaining about them not subbing it fast enough instead of watching a faster subbers release if all you care about it speed, and they’re the retards? hah.

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