22 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Ep 10”

    1. These are main characters as show in diferent parts of the series. Adult Jotarou (Part 6), Jolyne Kujo (part 6), Giorno Giovanna (part 5), Old Joseph Joestar with Achtung Baby in his arms (part 4), teenage Jotarou Kujo (Part 3), Josuke Higashitaka (Part 4), Holy Kujo (Part 3), younger Old Joseph Joestar (Part 3), Adult Jotarou (part 4), young Joseph Joestar, dunno the guy in the suit, Jonathan Joestar, dunno the guy in a cape.

      1. I think the one in the cape is Jonathan as well, remember when he went to England to get proof? I believe he wore something similar. The one in the suit could be Joseph’s father, George Joestar II. Come to think of it the one in the cape might be George the 1st. he went to Scotland Yard in a similar cape and in the picture that character seems slightly smaller compared to all the 6 foot 4 characters that protagonist JoJo’s typically are.

      2. I think that the Jotaruo on the left, next to Joseph and Achtung might be from part 4 while the part 3 is on the right side, notice the belts? He had those oddly colored ones that stuck out it part 3.

      3. George II was a pilot in the airforce so he’s definitely the one in uniform. That would imply the other is George I since it seems to be progressing through history going right-to-left.

    1. This… You are probably going to be the only guys with the Cojones/masochistic typesetters to pick this up.

      I hope so atleast *_*

    1. LOL you saved my meme of the meme of the meme!

      I had a feeling they’re going to be late with magoi so I watched commie’s release, it’s probably vale’s translation too.

  1. Dear Leader of GG fansub,
    I really enjoy your releases of Binbougami, I think you guys did a very good translation back there. I want to use your releases to translate into Vietnamese to share with other member who can’t read Englist at my site.
    Could I have permission to use your soft english sub for my project ? It is absolutely NOT for commercial purpose, just to share for free.
    Thanks for reading.
    Please answe me as soon as you can.

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