Magi Ep 7

Well, since I posted a picture of 11 last time, here’s 10. I’ll just go in reverse chronological order. I will totally steal the Chu2koi release post from Jaka to post a picture of McGann, but 5 might just be replaced with a fucking picture of celery. (PS: Reboot series 2-4 would’ve been like… significantly better if he hadn’t been on some… Uh… Rose-obsessed self-sacrifice mission while being not-very-alien and not-very-900-years-old, but David Tennant’s hair looks like yummy delicious caramel ripe for eating. He also doesn’t look like a fucking potato. The part about not being a potato is way more important than anything else btw.) Torrent.

17 thoughts on “Magi Ep 7”

  1. @Koda
    Thanks for release!!
    Doctor who is still epic because at the end of each cycle, there were moments where everybody liked him.. Be it the moments when he did get angry or that stupid goofy laugh/smile all of them have..

    Question regarding the Magi releases though, why are there so many flucuations regarding their file size?? Episode 4 being more then half the size less then episode 5.. while at the same time the quality is great with both of them??

    1. [email protected] says:

      So bad there isn’t even any raws.

  2. Anyone notice in the manga sin gives the poor food from the rich and here he not only stops them from getting food but tells them to F off?

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