33 thoughts on “Chu2Koi 03”

  1. Your RSS feed is hella slow and that means I have to actually check and refresh the website.

    I would instantly like this show 5x more if they would get rid of that hairclip. Japanese girls with orange hair = fine. Weird floating hairclip that doesn’t seem to hold any actual hair at all and who wears a clip on the front of their bangs anyway = wrong.

  2. I’m using MVK File Player and for some reason the subs aren’t showing when I play the episode. Anybody have any idea what’s going on? Off-topic, I know, but I figure it was worth a try.

    1. To satisfy your curiosity, there’s something unique with gg’s subtitle default font style for this show, compared to, say, urw’s version. Getting CCCP as someone suggested is good advice. Otherwise, if you override default font style (for Pot-player) or Force user’s font settings (for KMP) you get all the subtitles. In other words, force a font available on your player to be used instead of gg’s default font. Ordinary MPC-HC/64-bit also works as it is, except for one line in the OP that often gets the top half chopped off.

  3. I have a quick question,

    Is nyaa.eu down????

    I keep getting gateway timeout errors starting yesterday until now, -__-

    and same goes for your site, is it nyaa or the problem is just my network???

    1. Same place it was at last time. [email protected], [email protected]

      It will get done, but I doubt the level of external harassment will make any difference as to its speed.

      Internal harassment is another matter, but vale and I have that covered.

      1. Thank goodness there is Joshiraku love!
        I was beginning to think it was a conspiracy to get people addicted and then stop releases. Maybe even deny it’s existence! “Joshiraku? Never heard of it. You must be thinking of another subs group.”
        That would be evil!

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