Jormungand Ep 1

Jonah: Why do you sell weapons?
Koko: For world peace.

…oh, okay then. (Torrent/DDL)

Funi announced they would be simulcasting this, but no one has actually seen anything from Funi, so now everyone is confused.

Edit: Jonah’s line @ 21:20 should be, “It’s not like me, but I think I’ll tag along.” Woops.

55 thoughts on “Jormungand Ep 1”

  1. Thanks for subbing this show.
    I was disappointed when I couldn’t find any subs, but then I open you guys just to check for Aquerion and find this. A really nice surprise.


    1. why, it’s awful
      It’s a typical show for little kids where all the animals talk and it’s all cg.
      The good points of the manga were the art and lack of dialogue, so it’s practically unrecognizable.

  2. Translation is bad.
    Translation checking is bad (if any).
    Editing is bad.
    Quality checking is bad (if any).

    That is gg.
    Her name is koda she is coca I said oh no.

  3. hmm okay… 2 questions at all ^^

    1.You want to sub Eureka 7 Ao or? how long would it takes to sub it?^^

    2.Can i only Download from Torrent or can i download everything from DDLA,too?

    1. 1. ask funi whether they will simulcast it or not. use GG’s definition of simulcast.

      2. No, you can’t download it from either source, it’s illegal.

      1. ..but instead with characters who are a mess of randomly selected tropes and weird chins, and are clearly either brain damaged (see weapons quote above) or badly translated.

        At least they’re unpredictable though..

  4. the manga is amazing and i’m really looking forward to the rest of this show. thanks so much for subbing :D

  5. Are you still going to continue subbing Jormugand since Funi announced they will do simulcast. It would be awesome if you would contine doing it since Funi is not avaible in my country.

    1. @MAQ
      Only grain got nuked away, so we don’t have to release moronic 800+MB files for mere tv recodes. Grain is not a detail in the first place, it’s just shit in a pixelized form; not to mention it got already massacred into a buttugly mess because of the bitstarved mpeg2 tv stream – no point in keeping it that.

      As for looking like shit: all tv recodes do. Only a turdlover would actually try to point out differences between turds. Remux ts, remux BD – or even better: remux your life and stop watching cartoons.

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